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Hey, what’s Kanme reading?  

Wednesday : 06-05-2024

 What’s Kanme reading? Posted every Wednesday Team Kanme Creatives team is here to get you over the weekday blues because we all  love comics! It’s true! And we really love Indie comics. Indies offer the most diverse and fearless storytelling among comics, why? Because we can! We are always inspired by the community around us and we want to start recognising the comics we love to read. 

 Welcome to Pride Month!  We’ll do recommendations of  Indie LGBTQA comics and Comic Creators! While we’re glad to have this happy month to celebrate we hope you support Queer Comics all year round like we do!  


Our first recommendation from the Team Kanme is: 



Coming to the Lavender:  Creator : Laylebelle97 

Coming to the Lavender

What we know:  Aaron was on a summer road trip and never expected to be snatched by a Cult of Creepies who were hell bent on making him a sacrifice. All seemed lost until the Fierce and beautiful Myfawny saved the day! The Philanthropists are no match for the Giantess who is a bug !?But she’s too cute to want to squish, plus I’m pretty sure you’d get squished first.  


What we Love : This is one of the comics I wear the merch for in the outside world, so it was a given it was picked as our first queer recommendation this month. Plus it was also recommended by another staffer!  About Coming to the Lavender I never thought I could be so utterly charmed with a Giant Spider-like creature and her adorable little Human. Both lead OCs, Myfawny and Aaron are queer, and have a variety of Queer OC cast around them. The nasty Villain, who has a refined name,  who illegally sacrifices humans, without wearing ass-less chaps is forever known as “Douchenugget” because he should be! and he is so wicked and cartoony you can literally hear his southern draw while reading the comic. Most comics don’t really put a lot of glee in writing their villains, especially their downfalls but this comic is fun! There’s  horror, magic and lovey-dovey romance with our leads. The writing shines as well grounded yet believable fantasy. The art is bright and fun, and this Creator is always clever with her panels, and has a comic that’s meme-able.  Hands down this is fabulously unique dare I say it Sexy comic- Yeah I said it! Our Queen Myfawny is A Sexy Spider lady BOW DOWN! You can read on Webtoon and GlobalComix.  




 Fanny Galactic  Creator :  Galacticcomic 

 Fanny Creator page


What we know : This comic has had a couple of Kick Starters and is now venturing onto GlobalComix. While it’s not published yet, we can’t wait to tell you about it!  I’m a huge fan of Drag Queens, and Space Drag (Vegas in Space anyone?) So this tale of a quite ‘divine’ lady Fanny who’s fan malfunction on stage sends her lost in time sounds fun ! 


 What we love: The artwork by the extremely talented Edward Bentley  was the first thing that caught my eye immediately on Reddit! So in this case Reddit did me good!  I mean -it’s so damn good! And the plot by Chris Fildes promises to be  FAB-U-LOUS! if it’s as fun and brilliant as it sounds – and I think we’re right about this -we are totally in! We can’t wait to get our eyeballs on this comic! Get started by following this creative team on GlobalComix! 



White streak Creator :  Greylein

 White Streak 

What we know: Chad, who struggles with mental illness is trying to live his life, balancing the workaholic pace of 60 hr work weeks, his girlfriend Suzanne  works equally hard, they try to have time together, she seemingly wants the best for him. Then there’s his roommate, Bennet who is living with chronic anxiety and disordered eating, all the while Chad tries to keep his life as balanced as a wobbling Jenga tower, one block away from toppling it all crashes down one terrible night- a Vigilante is born.  


What we love:  It’s a cast of Queer OCs, and it was recommended to us from Twitter! Thank you reader! This is a nice drama, with a lot of care taken with the story. The art is improving, the story is well written and feels wholly authentic, like real people you would meet on the street or hang out with. Nothing about it feels imaginary. What I’m saying, We love comics that help others feel not so alone when there is grief, tragedy and illness in their lives. Check it out on Comic Fury you can read well over 100 great pages and it is still ongoing!



 Starfish Lovers Creator : Little River Comics

Starfish Lovers


What we know :  This is a Hero’s epic journey with Pinky and his best friend Ziggy setting out to stop a plot of rogues to steal the sun before it turns their world into darkened chaos. Along the way, Pinky begins to question everything he thought he knew, even about himself, his sexuality and his religion.  


What we love: well, I’ll attach a cute little cameo the boys from American Prince made in this comic that is TOO CUTE! In all seriousness The ART-IS-BREATHTAKING- the line art, the colors, the back grounds, character designs and  the story! Are all lush and bright, a gorgeous feast of art that leaves you wanting more. This is one of the reasons I only read Indie comics because of comics like Starfish Lovers, that create for the pure joy of putting their best work out there and making it a million times better than anything mainstream can offer. You can check it out on GlobalComix and like the little fishes in the underwater world you’ll be hooked! 


See ! How cute are they???!


Keep reading and we’ll be back next week with more LGBTQA+ Comics/Creators!


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  1. Sasha says:

    Thank you so much for shouting out my comic. I loved the description you gave and I love that you’re captivated by Myfawny and are enjoying hating Douchenugget

    1. wearediamant says:

      Keep up the good work!

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