Kanme Studios Spotlight #3 Christopher Curtis, Raineyellow & Melancia Comics

Hey all, welcome and thank you for reading our 3rd Kanme Studios Spotlight.

This month we will spotlight Christopher Curtis, Raineyellow, & Melancia Comics.

Chrisopher Curtis

I’m a manga writer out of Indianapolis, IN and creator of JAZZ: Juggernauts Against Zealous Zealots! When I’m not writing I’m normally either plugging away at the myriad of half-started JRPGS on my Xbox or reading Sakamoto Days! My manga is about 5 rebels who are tasked to solve the mystery of seemingly random monster-spawning portals over their city that has instigated a Government cover-up in the process. With each character being different than the other, you’re bound to have a favorite by the end of the first chapter!

For all his links: https://linktr.ee/ChristyleInc

Nadrah Insyirah, also known as Raineyellow online, is a comic artist and a visual novel creator.

She has made several visual novels and drawn comics based on those titles. Her comics are mostly free to read on her Instagram account and a few special ones are in printed comic anthologies like “Nice to Meet You!”: A Singapore Comics Anthology from Asiapac Books and Alan Bay’s recent anthology “Might, Magic & Monster-in-laws”. Her most popular visual novel “Arcana Romance” has garnered 16.3k downloads on the Kocho app and contributed the most following on her social media.

Like other small creators, she wants to share her original stories and inspire those who share the same goal.

Currently, she is working in COMIX.SG, an online directory for comic creators in Singapore and has grown since. They have made several initiatives such as starting up an active Discord server for budding comic creators and enthusiasts and a comics community podcast series “Red Dot Comics Den”. Their goal is to spread awareness of the comic creators in Singapore to the international scale.

She also worked on the Janto Kanme Fanzine providing pictures for Tadashi & Janto.

For more updates, be sure to follow them on Instagram & Twitter

Vivi (Melencia Comics)

Vivi has worked with us since 2022 but has done a lot of with us. She is an artist from Brazil who loves her many farm animals but in particular her chickens as you can see in the image above. She is the main artist of Pawesome Gatitos but is also busy with her own projects outside of Kanme Studios! Yam and her have worked on a lot of comics in the short time she’s been working with Kanme Studios.
Vivi has worked on the following:

Pawesome Gatitos
Obey the Thirst
Mucho Gato
Collector’s Edition
The Urge
The Worst Thing to Ever Exist

Outside of making comics she and another artist from Brazil are working on some sticker design for SF6 which we hope to preview soon the site.

Definitely follow her on Instagram or Twitter

If you have read this far thank you so very much and we hope enjoyed this month’s spotlight. We hope to spotlight more creatives in the coming months so stay tuned and keep on creating!

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