Weekly Blog #4

Happy Holidays!

It’ll be a short post today. We hoped you enjoyed the Boom Shaka Holiday special, we enjoyed making it for you all. For now that’s all we have in terms of Boom Shaka. We’ll keep you posted on any happenings regarding this comic. We are aiming to release the next chapter sometime in the spring so be on the look out for that. As always if you want a preview of the next chapter be sure to visit our gumroad store and purchase the deluxe edition.

Lastly our Mando fan comic is complete so check back on the site as we prepare to release it!

Now that Christmas is behind us I want to wish you all a safe and happy new years. 2020 officially ends in 4 days!

We’ve accomplished a lot and want to take the time to say thank you to everyone! We hope to continue on into next year and find ourselves in a much better than place when we all look back. Take care all!


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