Weekly Blog #5

Hey all. Yam here. I knew some way some how I’d forget to do the blog but I was busy with real life and work, but I’m back at it.

First and foremost Happy new year! We made it to 2021 so that’s a positive thing. We ended 2020 with a Jojo fan comic and started the year with our first Mandalorian fan comic, both were well received. We will carry that momentum into 2021.

It goes without saying that we a have a lot of good stuff coming your way this year. We plan to do more fan comics such as FF7, Mandalorian, Jojo and many more. That’s on top of that we have our original content such as Boom Shaka, our newest comic Janto and a surprise return of a fan favorite.

But I digress, I will definitely share more on those projects as they come down the line. All I can share at the moment is Boom Shaka chp 2 is mostly written, Janto Kanme information will be shared very soon, possibly next blog post, and the last one we want to keep a secret.

I want to do a lot, as much as possible. I want to make people enjoy themselves, laugh and feel something when they read our works. That’s always been my goal.

That’s it for this weeks blog now its time to work and write…


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