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Character page update – Janto Kanme

Hey all. This will be our final update of the character page until the next chapter. Head on over to read about Janto’s friends Mimi and Taka.


Janto Kanme Introduction Finale

Hey readers of Janto Kanme, we wanted to make you all aware that this coming Friday will be the last page of the introduction chapter of Janto Kanme. Don’t fret because we are currently working towards having the next part of Janto completed for this coming summer. We ask though that you please do not spoil the ending for new readers. We will not reveal who Janto is until the next chapter is released. Other than that we hoped you enjoy the read and are excited to read more in the future!


Boom Shaka Returns!

Hey all! We wanted to announce that Boom Shaka is returning. Here is a snippet from the latest Boom Shaka Cover. We will be posting it this coming Wednesday. Stay tune till then!


Janto Kanme – Character page updated

Hey all! I hope you didn’t miss Janto Kanme too much. We’re back at it and with a new update to the character page. If you’ve been wondering about these two boys then head on over to the character page to read about them. Also if you haven’t noticed we’re getting close to filling up the character page which means…we’ll find out who Janto is soon enough!


The Fan Art section has been updated

Hey all we have updated our fan art section with another new image. Head on over to see it! We invite all readers to submit their fan art of their favorite characters from any of our stories and we’ll feature it here!


Janto Kanme – No new page this week

Hey all, wanted to let all our readers know that Janto Kanme will be taking a break this week. We will return posting on February 11th. Take care till then!


Happy Chinese & Lunar New Year 2022

The Kanme Power Couple, and us here at Kanme Studios, want to wish you all a Happy Chinese & Lunar New Year for those celebrating it around the world! We wish you all nothing but good fortune for you and your loved ones during the year of the Tiger!


Janto Kanme – New Page & New Characters Profiles Unlocked!

Another busy week for Janto Kanme! A new page has been added. The students continue to speculate who the Kanme might be, you don’t want to miss out, they might find out who they are. New Janto Kanme character profiles have been unlocked. Head on over to the character page to read up on them.


More characters added to Janto Kanme

This past week’s page featured a lot of new faces. We’ll be introducing them to you all soon so stay tuned!


Akiko and Kojiro have been added!

Hey all two new characters profiles have been unlocked for Janto Kanme. Head on over to the character page and read about who they really are.

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