Boom Shaka Chapter 2 Status Update

Hey all, a quick announcement regarding Boom Shaka. We are working on the 2nd chapter and we are close to completing it. That means those who have bought the deluxe edition will be able to read the full chapter upon release. We will have a deal running during that time for new readers. We will also begin to release pages on our site this winter. So you’ll be able to catch up on everything Boom Shaka. Stay tuned all!

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Janto Kanme Character Page Update

Today we introduce the first revealed character of Janto Kanme. Head on over to the character page to find out who they are! Come back every week to see which new characters are revealed.

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Boom Shaka Fan Art

Hello all! We would like to share some fan art submitted to us by Zaizui of Boom Shaka’s Hime, be sure to visit their Instagram. We all really love it and hope to see more fan art from our readers! If you’d like to share fan art with us you can submit it to us on any of our social medias via direct message or email us at

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Janto Kanme debuts on Kanme Studios

Janto Kanme, our newest comic, has it’s own space on this website. Click the link here or navigate to the comic section of the site to check it out. So far the cover is only out but next Friday we will debut the first page!! If you’re the type of person who wants to read everything now visit our gumroad store and buy it there. We are currently running a sale on both Boom Shaka and Janto, the details of the sale should be on our gumroad page/social medias. We hope you are excited as we are to read Janto Kanme! See you all next week for it’s debut here on Kanme Studios!

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Patreon Updates!

Hey all Yam here. Jeez man I haven’t posted in a while, I’m sorry real life. Anyway today I wanted to share some news regarding our Patreon. We will be focusing on more behind the scene content, Work in Progress and Special art that can’t be found on our site. We welcome you to subscribe to it as all funds go towards supporting these wonderful artist we have working with us! Follow the link to go our Patreon Page. Take care all!

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