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We made a big first step: We created a Ko-Fi account (HERE)!

What is Ko-Fi? Ko-Fi is a verified platform (similar to Patreon, if you’re familiar) that allows fans to support their favorite creators by “buying them a coffee” (i.e. donating a small sum as a one-time thing, or on a monthly basis!) You can donate $3 to us, and Ko-Fi doesn’t take a fee. It’s a simple and easy way to give back!

Why is this important? So far, our work has pretty much been self-funded, and our comics/releases have experienced interruptions and setbacks because of this (think: Luna Tide hiatus.) With your support through Ko-Fi (or Gumroad comic sales) we’re hoping to alleviate these issues, create and collaborate more, and publish faster! For the most part, we overwhelmingly keep our content free and our model is to keep it that way. Ko-Fi will allow us to take voluntary donations, support ourselves, while sharing our love for collaborative work with everyone!

Exclusive Content on Ko-Fi?? Yes! We created a “Behind the Scenes” tier under Ko-Fi’s Membership tab, for $3/month, that will give you exclusive access to work in progress pages, concept art, and content that was and will NEVER be released elsewhere. You don’t have to join this tier to donate, but we figured some of our biggest fans might like this option!

Commission Art from Alan & More! We also have the option for you to commission us! Alan Bay, the artist of Janto Kanme and Boom Shaka, has both B&W and colored “made for commission” art available on our Ko-Fi! Yam, our author, has writer’s workshops available on there for character development! You can also request a social media “shoutout” on our platforms for easy marketing of your creative work!

Here’s a sneak peek at exclusive content for the members only tier on Ko-Fi (one piece of a work-in-progress page):


Will you help keep us caffeinated? See us at

The Kanme Studios Team

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