9mm Girls Chapter 4 starting on KANME STUDIOS


As the two demons, Eligos and Silali are trying to find out what’s wrong with
the two humans they were supposed to deal with, Aya and Hazel, are getting resourceful.
Helped by their Sub-demon, Rain, they will find a way to face their opponent in the most sneaky way.




We will also learn about Lust demons Politics and home-made pacts!
As well as how to be a badass [BLEEP] on a bike.



If you haven’t read 9mm Girls yet, there’re 3 chapters waiting for you.
More than 140 pages of urban fantasy action packed story with strong females leads
and a full LGBTQ+ cast of various and charismatic characters.




If you can’t wait and want to read the 7 chapters already made,
head right to the author –PATREON here– where you can get a lot of perks and support the project!


-These chapters contain NSFW elements, so reader discretion is advised-


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