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Hello all and welcome to Kanme Studios. We are a group of creatives who love doing one thing: creating.

We created this site to display our works and share them with you all.

Learn a bit about who we are and what we do.

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Writer. Idea Man. Some kind of accountant. Yam’s the dreamer of the group, the founder of Kanme Studios, and, presumably, some kind of human. Yam had the driving idea and ultimately the skeleton for the story. Yam handles the broad strokes story and dialogue.
Yes, my real name is Usogami. That is most definitely not a lie. Nor is it a horrible mangling of words from a foreign language inspired by a certain crossdressing trickster from Norse mythology. I am also not half asleep right now and running solely on caffeine.
I am Alan, an independent Artist. Loves to express emotions and solve problems through visual storytelling, one picture at a time.
Likes to keep the spirit of childhood alive by drawing big monsters, magical dragons, and pesky kids.
I am the Artist for Boom Shaka, working closely with the author/editor. I helped create some of the characters too.
Katztz This penguin does a mix of everything. She primarily promotes Kanme Studios & its comics on social media or funding campaigns, such as Kickstarter. Though she also designs graphics alongside Usogami, and proofreads the original scripts by Yam. She is currently authoring an original comic, coming soon. To inquire about collaboration or marketing, you may reach her through direct message on any one of our social media accounts.


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