Author: Yam

New Fan Comic this Friday

Hey all, hope you been well. Another Fan comic is headed your way this Friday. It seems to have two popular fem fatales, Chun-li & Cammy, from Street Fighter. They seem to be having a good time but as you know from reading any comics here, things aren’t always as they seem. Thanks again to Melancia Comics for collaborating with us on this next comic!


New Jojo fan comic this Friday!

Melancia comics and Kanme Studios have once again collaborated to bring you another Jojo Bizarre Adventure fan comic. What could F.F and Ermes be talking about? You’ll know Friday when the comic debuts here first on our website!


Taking a two week break from Boom Shaka – Kick Starter coming soon!

Hey all! We wanted to let you all know that we will be taking a 2 week break from posting Boom Shaka. We at Kanme Studios are not going away but we are focusing on finishing up our Kick Starter, yes you read that right. We will be working on Boom Shaka’s kick starter. We hope to resume posting before the end of May. We will keep you posted on everything! Take care readers!


New JoJo Bizarre Adventure Fan comic *Updated*

Hey everyone. What’s better than rolling into the weekend, a Jojo fan comic by us haha. Check out the WiP and final draft of our latest fan comic. We worked with the talented Melancia Comics to produce this latest fan comic. Check her Instagram & Twitter out. If you like their work be sure to give them a follow or heck commission them! Take care all and see you tomorrow for yet another bizarre adventure!


Support Alan Bay (Smallguydoodle) Art Give Away at 200 Followers

Hey all. Do you enjoy Boom Shaka, Janto Kanme or any of our fan comics? Well, all those comics came from the talented artist, Alan Bay! Currently he is trying to raise his followers to 200 and needs your help to get there. At the end he’ll be giving away some art so you don’t want to miss out on that! Here are a few samples of his work. You could also read Janto and Boom Shaka too :). Show some love to Alan and let’s get him to 200! The link to his twitter is here!


New JoJo Bizarre Adventure Fan comic

Yam and crew and back it again! This time we’re collaborating with a new artist!


Fan Art Section Updated!

Hey all, the fan art section has been updated! Check it out! As a reminder if you have any fan art be sure to send it to us at


Janto Kanme Fan Poll Winner!

INTRODUCING OUR FIRST JANTO KANME POLL WINNER…KANA KANME They say that stories can reflect real life. Well Kana is a winner in Janto Kanme and out of it. Congratulations to everyone who voted for her. We saw a huge variety in votes so don’t be down that your favorite did win. In the end they are your favorite character and they appreciate as much as Yam does; he was shocked by the results. We hope you all enjoy the fan poll contest and will future ones later on. Thanks again everyone for participating!


Jobs section

Hey all we want to officially announce our job section. We want to collaborate with many different artists/creatives from all over the world here at Kanme Studios. If you’re interested head on over there


New Jojo Fan comic!

Tomorrow, saturday 3/26, we will release our latest Jojo Fan Comic on Kanme Studio. We hope you enjoy it, it’s a pretty bizarre one. With that being said we leave you with the work in progress and final product.

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