Hey, what’s Kanme reading?  May 8th 2024

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Hey, what’s Kanme reading?  Wednesday :  05/08/2024 

 What’s Kanme reading? Posted every Wednesday Team Kanme Creatives team is here to get you over the weekday blues because we all  love comics! It’s true! And we really love Indie comics. Indies offer the most diverse and fearless storytelling among comics, why? Because we can! We are always inspired by the community around us and we want to start recognizing the comics we love to read. 


Every week we’re going to recommend comics we are reading to you. 


Our first recommendation from the Team Kanme is: 

Freighter : Creator ZAHGG



What we know : This space age saga features vivid imagery, strange and mysterious  alien creatures and tons of action. Test subject Sero emerges from cryogenic sleep to find the unmanned Cargo ship he was being transported on has crashed after 30 years of drifting in space. We think this little sci-fi gem needs more subs! Read it on Webtoon Canvas!  


What we like :  From the Staffer that recommended it “ It’s the little action series that could”. This comic train is chugging along full speed  towards  something great and we hope to be there when it happens. We see a creator that is working hard to put out a comic they can be proud of,  we think it’s marvelous and we’re here for it! You know where to go! Check out Freighter!

Awesoman  : Creator : Omnis Press   




What we know:  The adventures of Guy Everyman aka AWESOMAN ? We’re on board! This comic has everything: comedy, superheroes, super powers, action and Awesomeness! Drawn in pen and ink classic style we love. When a meteor crash turns Guy’s mediocre life in a dystopian automated future awesome Awesoman is born! 


What we like : What’s not to like?  From the Staffer(me)  : “We’ve been fans of Awesoman for a while, it has a place in our heart that still longs for old school comic creation when you just hand drew everything with pen and paper and went crazy with it. Your comic- your rules and this comic rules! ” That’s the heart of and soul of why we love this comic! Check it out on GlobalComix! 

Just 2 Kids: Creator : Neti the Creator 

Just 2 kids


What we know : ‘Heartwarming’ is absolutely the way to describe this comic. The growing bond between Mykola and Fyodor as winter turns to spring in a remote village. Mykola has a stutter which makes him feel more alone and introverted than he already is, until he meets Fyodor and their adventures begin. 


What we like : From the staffer that recommended it :” The artwork is exquisite, it perfectly matches the story with its soft pastel colors and French grays. There’s a sort of gentleness and quietness you don’t normally see in a comic that resonates with the reader.” we’re big fans of this comic and it needs to be seen! Please go sub now Webtoon Canvas!

Surprising Octeal : Creator Crow’s Feet Aspirations 

Suprising Octeal


What We know : An action comic featuring Super humans and Octopus powers? Hop aboard this ship! It’s got everything! Suzanne’s career towards being a Marine Biologist was moving upwards until a mysterious gas knocked her off her feet. When she wakes in a panic she has two additional body parts!  


What we like : We got two staffers on this one! The use of Vivid colors and unique as well as captivating art style this LGBTQ+  comic has such a good mix mystery, action, and  a story that  like the grip of an octopus’s tentacles grabs a hold and won’t let you go. We have got to get more readers on this comic, head over the GlobalComix and give it a looksee! 


Be here next week see what we’re reading!


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