Melting Pot Riot

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Melting Pot Riot

An LGBT drama inspired by two historic pre-Stonewall protests; Cooper’s Do-nut Riot and Compton’s Cafeteria Riot. Melting Pot Riot brings together a kindred group of late night regulars of a 24 hour diner, The Melting Pot Cafe, on what should have been an average summer night in 1966. Instead of bonding over cheeseburgers, coffee, and countless cigarettes into the wee hours of the night, the patrons find themselves banding together to become the center of a riot set off after being pushed too far.

Disclaimer: The main story of the Melting Pot Riot takes place in the 1960’s and will contain outdated language and themes that some readers may find uncomfortable. The historic story told in this series cannot be accurately portrayed without including the themes of oppression.”

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