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BLACK FRIDAY SALE 11/23 to 11/27

Hey all! Our Black Friday sale in our shop is live! Take 35% storewide from our partners Dynamik Focus, our latest double sided keychains featuring street fighter 6 costume 3s and tekken 8 keychains! Follow the link in the image to get started! Don’t waste too much time. Things will sell out fast so take advantage of this great deal!


Announcement regarding the Kanme Studios Spotlight

Hello all we wanted to take the time to let you all know that this month will be our final Kanme Studios Spotlight post. We would like to thank everyone who participated it in and hoped it brought awareness to other creatives! We would like to take this opportunity to announce that we will be moving the Kanme Studios Spotlight to a podcast starting early next year. Diamant (Aub Diamant) and other Kanme Studios creatives will host these podcasts to continue to do what Kanme Studios Spotlight was intended to do and that is feature creatives like you. We are excited for this next phase of our journey and hope that you all will be there to join us on it! We can’t wait to speak to you all in the future! We will have more details in the coming months regarding the specifics of our podcasts! Take care all!


LGBTQA lit comic Melting Pot Riot launches on Kanme Studio.

With LGBTQ+ and Trans rights in danger now more than ever we reflect on the continued fight for human rights and the dignity to live our lives in freedom that started so long ago.  Melting Pot Riot returns to the time when our  persecuted elders grabbed their bricks  and fought back. Pride began with a riot! MPR is a fictional account of a Gay rights riot based on two little known  pre-Stone Wall riots  the Compton Cafeteria and Cooper’s Donut riots. Beginning November 1st already published chapters will be launched with weekly page updates of the final chapter exclusively  on Kanme Studios beginning November 5th. Start reading now.

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Kanme Esports’ Scrub Saibot Wins at Lunar Bout!

Kanme Esports sponsored player Scrub Saibot competed this weekend at Lunar Bout in New York City. He was able to complete a historic run this year having won multiple events stretching the full year! We are extremely proud of his achievement this year and are very honored to have him play under the Kanme Studios/Esports brand! He is the epitome of the word champion!


American Prince Halloween Prince : Halloween Special Chapter 1

Ready for some Halloween horror comic treats? Diamant releases in traditional page form the original short stories ‘Quantum Immortality’ and ‘ Whatever you do … Don’t SCREAM!’ in Halloween Prince collection. Quantum follows the afterlife journey of Raleigh Matson as he transitions from mortal to immortal, a peek behind the veil separating the living and the dead.  In Whatever you do.. we meet young Malachy Thorsby, pre-vampire years as he survives the night as vampire bait in a graveyard full of hungry ghouls in this story inspired by old Hammer Horror films. Not to trick you, but only to fill you with horror comic treats there will be more Halloween Prince, with the release of American Prince Halloween Prince: Halloween Special Chapter 2 coming up as a weekly page updating until Halloween!

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American Prince Chapter 2 ‘Den of Lions’ in full released 10/02/2023

American Prince is the supernatural drama about two men, one human one vampire who begin a rapturous and tumultuous relationship under the Southwest heat and neon of Las Vegas. Chapter 2 is where the drama roller coaster begins as the Raleigh and Malachy meet face to face. Presented for the first time in traditional page form with bonus material, this version of American Prince is created exclusively for Kanme Studios. Keep your peepers on this space for more releases soon. 

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Kanme Studios Metamorphosis? Ash Kohari and Christopher Curtis link up!

Good evening! Kanme Studios is all about growth, but does anyone ever expect growth from WITHIN? Looks like Kanme Studio’s Ash and Chris are scheming something devious with Christopher’s manga comic series, JAZZ, and it’s about time to share it with everyone! Be on the lookout for JAZZ’s new artist, Ash, as these two attempt to bring JAZZ to a new height!

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9mm Girls Chapter 4 starting on KANME STUDIOS

  As the two demons, Eligos and Silali are trying to find out what’s wrong with the two humans they were supposed to deal with, Aya and Hazel, are getting resourceful. Helped by their Sub-demon, Rain, they will find a way to face their opponent in the most sneaky way.           We will also learn about Lust demons Politics and home-made pacts! As well as how to be a badass [BLEEP] on a bike. READ HERE CHAPTER 4         ——————————————————- If you haven’t read 9mm Girls yet, there’re 3 chapters waiting for you. More than 140 pages of urban fantasy action packed story with strong females leads and a full LGBTQ+ cast of various and charismatic characters.   READ FROM THE START HERE   If you can’t wait and want to read the 7 chapters already made, head right to the author –PATREON here– where you can get a lot of perks and […]


JAZZ: Juggernauts Against Zealous Zealots is headed to Kickstarter!

Great news from the Kanme Studio camp: Christopher Curtis is preparing to release JAZZ: Juggernauts Against Zealous Zealots on Kickstarter! It looks like he has a lot of rewards in store for all backers, including variant, covers from an artist you might be really familiar with on Kanme Studios! We’re excited about the eventual celebration of this well-funded book and can’t wait to see what’s available on this Kickstarter. If you’d like to help, please click here and click notify me so that you can be one of the many who get notified when this Kickstarter opens. I hear there’s a cheap tier for early backers…

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Kanme Studios Spotlight #5 Kamourian King, Bwillett Comics, SaLi & Ash Kohari

Welcome to another Kanme Studios spotlight where we highlight creatives from all sorts of media. Today I would like to introduce you to a few creatives that you should be on the watch for and few new additions to Kanme Studios. So, without further ado let’s get started. Our first creative we would like to spotlight is Kamourian King. She is the creator/artist/writer of Blazerin! We personally enjoy her art style, especially how she draws her characters! Here’s a little bit about Kamourian King and her comic! Kamourian King “I am Kamourian King or Kam. I have always been super crafty and artsy. Getting into comics and drawing them was pretty natural. Growing up I studied art and comics, perfecting my stories and characters. In 2012 I had my daughter, Aurora, and my life changed forever. My passion, my ambitions, my future, everything amplified. Everything I did wasn’t for myself anymore; it was for her. I wanted to pass down […]

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