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BLACK FRIDAY SALE 11/23 to 11/27

Hey all! Our Black Friday sale in our shop is live! Take 35% storewide from our partners Dynamik Focus, our latest double sided keychains featuring street fighter 6 costume 3s and tekken 8 keychains! Follow the link in the image to get started! Don’t waste too much time. Things will sell out fast so take advantage of this great deal!


Announcement regarding the Kanme Studios Spotlight

Hello all we wanted to take the time to let you all know that this month will be our final Kanme Studios Spotlight post. We would like to thank everyone who participated it in and hoped it brought awareness to other creatives! We would like to take this opportunity to announce that we will be moving the Kanme Studios Spotlight to a podcast starting early next year. Diamant (Aub Diamant) and other Kanme Studios creatives will host these podcasts to continue to do what Kanme Studios Spotlight was intended to do and that is feature creatives like you. We are excited for this next phase of our journey and hope that you all will be there to join us on it! We can’t wait to speak to you all in the future! We will have more details in the coming months regarding the specifics of our podcasts! Take care all!


Kanme Esports’ Scrub Saibot Wins at Lunar Bout!

Kanme Esports sponsored player Scrub Saibot competed this weekend at Lunar Bout in New York City. He was able to complete a historic run this year having won multiple events stretching the full year! We are extremely proud of his achievement this year and are very honored to have him play under the Kanme Studios/Esports brand! He is the epitome of the word champion!


Kanme Studios Spotlight #5 Kamourian King, Bwillett Comics, SaLi & Ash Kohari

Welcome to another Kanme Studios spotlight where we highlight creatives from all sorts of media. Today I would like to introduce you to a few creatives that you should be on the watch for and few new additions to Kanme Studios. So, without further ado let’s get started. Our first creative we would like to spotlight is Kamourian King. She is the creator/artist/writer of Blazerin! We personally enjoy her art style, especially how she draws her characters! Here’s a little bit about Kamourian King and her comic! Kamourian King “I am Kamourian King or Kam. I have always been super crafty and artsy. Getting into comics and drawing them was pretty natural. Growing up I studied art and comics, perfecting my stories and characters. In 2012 I had my daughter, Aurora, and my life changed forever. My passion, my ambitions, my future, everything amplified. Everything I did wasn’t for myself anymore; it was for her. I wanted to pass down […]


Kanme Studios Sponsors Full Price 6

Kanme Studios will be the first sponsor for Full Price 6 at the Cave this weekend. You can sign up for the event here We are also providing them with a 15% off code for our gumroad store. If you haven’t reserved our exclusive holographic stickers and keychains then this would be a great chance to! Supporting us also helps support the fine folks at Full Price SSBU! Here is the event schedule: 2PM – Venue Opens 3:30PM – Squad Strike 5PM – Ultimate 6PM – Street Fighter Be sure to follow them on Twitter and we look forward to working with them at this event and future ones!


Team Diamant joins Forces with Kanme Studios!

Hello all, we have the pleasure and honor to announce that we have mutually agreed to partner up with the talented folks of Team Diamant/Diamant Comics and their talented artist jpaulbearer. They will be joining the Kanme Studios network of creatives and we can’t wait to work with them on new projects and show off their current works on our website! Be sure to follow them on their socials! Team Diamant’s Comics Their Socials Facebook Instagram Twitter


ChristyleInc (Christopher) the creator of JAZZ joins Kanme Studios!

Kanme Studios grows again by welcoming the talented Christoper, the creator of JAZZ, who will be a new writer that will be joining us. We already featured in our Kanme Studios spotlight #3 and we can’t wait to work with him on his current project and some new ones! You’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens next but for now congratulations and welcome!


July Promo on Pre-Orders for Holographic Stickers & Keychains!

Hey all, this month we are running a promo for pre orders! As you can see in the image below, we are creating Buttons, Holographic Stickers and Holographic Keychains of the new characters of street fighter 6 in their alternative costumes. Our partners, artists and players have promo codes for you to take off 15% from your purchase, each code also helps support them as they get a cut of the sales. To guarantee you get these items you must pre order. No extra copies will be made and the only other place you can purchase it is at Evolution 2023. So head on over to our gumroad site and use one of the codes below! Coupon Codes KanmeTao KanmeDisgaea KanmeKaton KanmeCourtea Carryout2023 DCB2023 DynamikFocus2023


Kanme Studios Spotlight #4 Meet BVMN, Courtea & Katon – Artists of Kanme Studios

It’s the end of the month and we just made it in time for our latest Kanme Studios spotlight. These posts are intended to highlight all types of creatives. This time week keep it in the realm of artist and more specifically Kanme Studios artists we work with. The first artist we would like to introduce is the newest edition to the creative team! Bmvn Hello everyone, my name is Christopher Spivery. I go by the handle BMVN which is an acronym for Building My Vocal Nation. As a kid I was very shy, I struggled with believing in myself and building relationships with others. For years this manifested in my life as social anxiety and it ran my life until I started meditating in 2020. Through meditation I have come to learn that my art cultivates a relationship between my physical self and my inner self. It turned into a tool of self discovery for me and without my […]


Kanme Studios sponsors & partners with Two Fighting Game Players!

Kanme Studios is doubling down on its venture into the world of competitive gaming. We proud to announce we are sponsoring local talent in the Washington D.C Metropolitan area. The first of these player goes by the name of “Tao” in the fighting game community. Tao is a talented individual who has a knack for picking up games and leveling up as he plays them. We are happy to have him with us and you’ll be seeing more of him on the road as he travels with Yam to various events. Be sure to follow Tao on Twitter [Tao plays on stage in front of many in attendance and on stream watching at home] [Tao is in his element, playing fighting games against his opponent] The next person we would like to introduce is Disgaea, he too is a local player in the area. We see great promise as he is also a multi-talented player who can play different fighting […]

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