Kanme Comic Updates 6/19/2024

Hey all, this past week the following comics updated on Kanme!

The latest pages of Happy Go Gothy updated this past week on Kanme. The page 6 through 9 of chp 13 are up to read. A new update is slated to happen this week for current readers. If you’re a new one then consider reading from the start, it’s one comic you won’t easily put down!

Aub Diamant is reuploading American Prince with updated illustrations for the first chapter! Check it out and keep your eyes on the comic as it is slated to update fairly soon!

Lastly Pawesome Gatitos is on hiatus and the announcement of this break can be found here. Vivi is currently on the mend and we’ll continue on with the story and kickstarter fairly if all goes well.

That’s if or this week and happy reading all!

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