Hey, what’s Kanme reading? Wednesday : 06-26-2024  

Hey, what’s Kanme reading?  

Wednesday : 06-26-2024


What’s Kanme reading? Posted every Wednesday Team Kanme Creatives team is here to get you over the weekday blues because we all  love comics! It’s true! And we really love Indie comics. Indies offer the most diverse and fearless storytelling among comics, why? Because we can! We are always inspired by the community around us and we want to start recognizing the comics we love to read. 

 To wrap up our Pride Month comic recommendations, we added an additional comic to our list. Also, we support LGBTQA comics and Creators all year round so if your comic didn’t make it this month, no worries! Pride is all year round! We’ll be looking at your comics. As always you can also recommend comics to us by joining our discord we have a channel for comic sharing!

Our first recommendation from the Team Kanme is: 

Warrior’s Strife Creator : C.S Becker Creations  

Warrior’s strife 

What we know: LGBTQA horror  fantasy comic centered around Frayja a fighter who is training to become the greatest warrior of her clan. She is taught Elves are the enemy of her people and to fear their magic. The tribulations of battlefield warfare alter her perspective on reality, and who she can trust and what is the truth?  


 What we love :  I saw this dark Fantasy comic’s artwork on reddit and went in search of it knowing I wanted to recommend it !  Glad I did, I found another little gem of a comic that you can see the dedication and hard work of the creator in the art and story, as he has been working non-stop since 2020. There are plenty of battles /fight scenes, horror and action to keep you reading. The Creator is going on hiatus for life/health issues, and we wish him well, and hope he comes back to his comic in September. If you can, try becoming a Patron. He needs the community support. You can sub on webtoon as well!  



Stars and Roses  Creator :  Morghie and Steph 

Stars and Roses 

What we know: A coming of age tale about a trans teen. While trying to find their place in the world, Van Burke struggles with chronic illness, gender identity and questions about their past . Themes of Slice of life, and Transgender,Type-1 diabetes. And learning to love yourself.   

 What we love:  You can read this comic of Tapas, but my link is to their fantastic website! Thick lines and bold bright colors make this comic pop, and I sat and read a bunch of it before I realized once again I’ve got a comic blog to write. The beginning deals with life altering illness in a young teen, and the sadness and anger that goes a long with it. Life is forever changed and there is no going back, everything you knew about your body has changed. Anyone dealing with these struggles will see a little bit of themselves reflected in the story and characters. You will want to read page after page for sure, so settle in at their website or Tapas! 



Vampire Prince  :Creator Blair Fujin 

Vampire Prince


What we know:  When a vampire hunter gets cursed by a demon, only the help of a Vampire Prince can help him. He struggles with who he has become and the feelings he comes to know about the infamous vampire. 

 What we love:   I run American Prince, so Vampire Prince is always close by on GC.  The cover has always attracted my eye because being a Captain Harlock fan, shaggy hair and eye patches on Manga men  always catches my attention! Chef’s kiss for me! This is a fantasy vampire drama that is appropriate for teenagers, well drawn and the story is progressing nicely, you can immerse yourself into the world, now while I’m a few chapters in and the romance is starting so I’d better finish this so I can get back to reading! You can check it out on GlobalComix!  



Love From  Beyond War Creator : Mori The Moth

Love from Beyond 

What we know : Two best friends are on separate sides of the trenches in WWI. But it doesn’t break their bond or make them enemies. 


What we love: I love European comics, Corto Maltese, Tin Tin and quite of few others, so once again my eyes were instantly attracted to the art style, which is just elegant, almost delicate in color and inking, I don’t quite know how to explain it other than, I just LOVE it!  I’m also a history buff and I wish there were more historic comics out there that have a lot of historical accuracy in their depicted time period. The writing is quality and reads like a wonderful novel, it’s a rich comic that does need a thorough reading when you have the time, because while you could binge it, you’d miss too much- it needs to be savored. You can read on Webtoon!


Bonus  !



The Sweetness of Salt : Creator Shooshell 

The sweetness 

What we know : Leah, A witch is faced with visions of the sea, deep water and seaweed. She is drawn to the seaside with a trip to her Aunt’s cottage, where she meets a mermaid! Sha a mermaid who is seeking life beyond her watery home world. Together they will find the answers they needed.  

What we love :  This GL comic has an enchanting art style, it was recommended by a fellow staff member so I wanted to add it in as a bonus because it needed to be seen and not wait a week. The romance is tender, it’s the kind of thing I love to read, where two come together and just find comfort in being together, even doing mundane things, there is comfort and gentleness. You can read on webtoon, Tapas and the creator’s website! 

 Thank you for reading and See you next week! 

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