Hey, what’s Kanme reading? Wednesday : 07-03-2024


What’s Kanme reading? Posted every Wednesday Team Kanme Creatives team is here to get you over the weekday blues because we all  love comics! It’s true! And we really love Indie comics. Indies offer the most diverse and fearless storytelling among comics, why? Because we can! We are always inspired by the community around us and we want to start recognizing the comics we love to read. 

Every week we’re going to recommend comics we are reading to you. 

Our first recommendation from the Team Kanme is: 



Love and Hex  Creator :  Crooked Goat Comics  

Love and Hex


What we know: A retired adventurer pursues a relationship with a young night hag who once tried to steal his soul, but she stole his heart.  


 What we Love: This comic was recommended by multiple staff members and I’m even a member of Love and Hex subreddit!  I’ve been a fan of this fun, whimsical comic since I met the creator a few years ago.  It’s a funny, cleverly written black and white comic in traditional page form. The fun cast of characters  are the bird-like living Houses (Houses with bird’s legs), you have A tough armor clad little girl werewolf Tamilda , Scary  Granny Dismal , the Horned and delightful hag Nanny Muk ,  hottie  young hag wife Kayra  who is super sweet heart when she wants to be,  and the  good hearted but outnumbered  Singing Cricket or noisy insect as Granny Dismal calls him, . We’re all big fans around here, it’s  quite funny and if you like fantasy comics and comedy then you should read Love and Hex.  It’s well worth the read, and GlobalComix does panel by panel reading for your mobile.  Love and Hex just updated today as well!




The imp and her Knight  Creator:  Wirecats present  

The Imp 


 What we know :  Proud Knight warrior Penelope ‘Penny’ Van Parnassus is cursed into the tiniest little monster form, but nothing can stop her despite her size. When she is reunited with her childhood best friend Jean Marche aka The Fox knight, together they find romance and bring to light corruption of their world. They are known as the Imp and her Knight.  


 What we love: I love that this story reads like a classic fairy tale mixed with a little space age fantasy. The art is magical and gives a great sense of the world our Imp and Knight reside in. The romance between the two old friends feels authentic, I’m all for that love at second sight, sometimes falling in love feels easy when it’s just right, and we hope fate doesn’t tear them apart once we have them together!  The Creator does page updates on Global Comix, so you can easily keep up to date with the first 11pages. We can’t wait to see more updates in the future! 





Murinae : After Midnight  Creator :  Vargvast Creations  



What we know :  A poor mother mouse and her children are trying to survive in a world where cruelty and viciousness are constant, in her journey to save her family she discovers a reality where blood is life itself.  


 What we love : I love – I mean LOVE the art style, reminiscent of the Great Don Bluth, a style I honestly would kill to possess myself.  The team behind Murinae is an Eisner award nominated Artist Mauricio Caballero, Colors are by Fernando  Caballero and Character designs by Nick Tate. While you’ll be reminded of Mrs. Brisby in passing, these are not rats of NIMH! I think it’s better, because it’s a horror which I love but it’s also grown up. You can read the first few pages of issue 1 for free and subscribe to read the series.  





Switched lives  BL Creator : Dark Sena 

Switched lives 


 What we know :  RH is a troubled young man raised in a bar after his prostitute mother’s overdose death. His life is the chaos of drinking and partying. Sid struggles to connect with others, the opposite of RH he feels pressure from his family to follow their expectations. Tired of their lives they wish to switch and see how the other lives 


 What we love: Recommended via Reddit, I’d seen it quite often, so I finally dove in to see what it was all about. The art is traditionally drawn, and colored with art markers. It is clean and unique, reminiscent of a classical style of almost block type print beauty, but in modern style. Black and white with greyscale sets the mood of the comic, when there is color it’s vibrant and beautiful. There are dark themes in this story, with abuse, abandonment in RH’s young life, and then seeing the sadness and frustration of a life as a closeted gay man in a family where he is expected to follow the old-world tradition of career, marriage, wife and children.  What shines here truly is the gentle love story blossoming slowly, well worth it to sit and read through.  You can sub on Webtoon!


Thank you for reading! See you next week!


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