Weekly Blog #2

Yam here. Yeesh I almost forgot to blog. It’s still a fairly new thing for me so if I do forget it’s because well I forgot haha.

Anyway let’s get right to it. This week I worked with the team to help create a xmas special for Boom Shaka, yay! We should have that done before the holidays hit it, may interest you to keep up with the blog, just saying.

We also are working on a new fan comic, want to guess what it is? If you’re right…stop reading my mind, but if you’re wrong you’ll soon see what it is. I had to wait a whole year to do this comic so I hope it’s worth the wait.

Lastly we are still working on our new project. It’s our primary focus at the moment so I hope we have some more news and images to share with you all.

That’s about it for this week, the year is almost over and the holidays are already in swing for those who celebrate Chanukah. I’ll talk to you all soon, stay safe AND WEAR A MASK!


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