Weekly Blog #8

Hey all, Yam here.

Sorry if this is a bit late but it’s been a rather somber week for me. My grandmother on my father’s side passed and it’s been pretty draining to deal with. My emotions are all over the place and the fact that my grandma is gone is hitting me in a way I never thought. I do get bit better day by day and I’m trying to keep my head on straight, it’s what my abuela would want.

I do have a few updates for you all.

We are working on two new fan comics. We will be working with Trash Tom again on another Mandalorian Comic. It’s still in the beginning stages and as we work through it I’ll keep you all updated.

The 2nd fan comic we are working is you guessed it, another JoJo fan comic. This one should hopefully make you smile and laugh a bit, but don’t take my work for it. That comic is in WiP status and we are finalizing it as we speak. Expect to see something next week regarding that comic, Small doodle guy works very very efficiently.

Last, we are still working on Janto. The first page is 100% complete so we are on the road to completion. Currently we are working on some details regarding the town and basic lore of the story. This content is the first we’ll show of Janto as we complete it. Janto is getting all the love and care it needs because it’s my baby!

So yeah, wish me luck this week. I’m doing the best I can and that sometimes helps you get to the end of the day. Much love all! Wear a mask and love each other with zero hate!


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