Weekly Blog #9

Ack I forgot my blog post last week bad on me. I always knew I would forget and procrastinate. I’d promise to do better but meh.

This week I didn’t forget. Let me recap what has happened development wise on our end.

So first and foremost we have continued to work on Janto Kanme. We are working on the logo and a few lore based material which we hope to show very soon on the site to give readers a preview and insight into the story. Smalldoodleguy is working on coloring the pages and moving it to it’s final draft. We still aim to get it out by at least this summer. So I ask you all to plays hold out, it’ll be worth it!

Last week we posted our next installment of Jojo Fan comics. It was well received by many and was also a pseudo valentines day comic. Our next fan comic will refocus on Final Fantasy 7 so keep an eye on it down the line. check it out here!

Lastly I am writing the next part of chapter 2 of Boom Shaka. As you know the first 6 pages are available at our Gumroad store. The 2nd chapter is set to be released in Spring so rest assured we will have it out to all our patrons who bought and eventually release it on our site week by week.

That’s all I have for now. Be sure to take care of one another and wear you flippings mask!


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