Janto Kanme

Today we would like to break the news on Kanme Studios latest comic Janto Kanme. The namesake of our site comes from this particular webcomic as it is near and dear to Yam. We plan to release it late spring early summer of 2021! We’ll have more details about the story as time goes on but for now is the work in progress title header. Let us know what you think! Be sure to follow our Facebook Page

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Weekly Blog #6

Hello readers! I hope you all have a wonderful week. Here in America we had a transition of power and the world didn’t explode from it…yet. We wish nothing but the best for the newest President Joe Biden and the first woman Vice President. All politics aside we had a pretty productive week and would like focus this post on our newest comic on the horizon. Janto Kanme is a story I have been working on for many many years. It’s a story that’s like a child to me and I’ve shielded it for a while. I didn’t think I was ready or a good enough writer to do it. But here we are now and I have put aside those fears and motivated myself to write it. While Boom Shaka and Luna Tide are products of my mind and those characters are near and dear to me I have to say these characters in Janto Kanme are all very […]

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Weekly Blog #5

Hey all. Yam here. I knew some way some how I’d forget to do the blog but I was busy with real life and work, but I’m back at it. First and foremost Happy new year! We made it to 2021 so that’s a positive thing. We ended 2020 with a Jojo fan comic and started the year with our first Mandalorian fan comic, both were well received. We will carry that momentum into 2021. It goes without saying that we a have a lot of good stuff coming your way this year. We plan to do more fan comics such as FF7, Mandalorian, Jojo and many more. That’s on top of that we have our original content such as Boom Shaka, our newest comic Janto and a surprise return of a fan favorite. But I digress, I will definitely share more on those projects as they come down the line. All I can share at the moment is Boom […]

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Red Dot Diva Review of Boom Shaka!

Greetings all. Let’s start the new year off right! Red dot Diva has gotten her hands on Boom Shaka. She went from page start to page end and has provided a review for it. Take a looksee at it and let us know if you agree with her or have other opinions. To close this short update, be sure to visit our gumroad store! The deluxe edition is still on sale and the coupon codes are all still valid. Red Dot Diva Review of Boom Shaka

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Weekly Blog #4

Happy Holidays! It’ll be a short post today. We hoped you enjoyed the Boom Shaka Holiday special, we enjoyed making it for you all. For now that’s all we have in terms of Boom Shaka. We’ll keep you posted on any happenings regarding this comic. We are aiming to release the next chapter sometime in the spring so be on the look out for that. As always if you want a preview of the next chapter be sure to visit our gumroad store and purchase the deluxe edition. Lastly our Mando fan comic is complete so check back on the site as we prepare to release it! Now that Christmas is behind us I want to wish you all a safe and happy new years. 2020 officially ends in 4 days! We’ve accomplished a lot and want to take the time to say thank you to everyone! We hope to continue on into next year and find ourselves in a […]

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Boom Shaka Holiday Special!

Hey all, Happy Holidays! Today we have a Boom Shaka Holidays special. The first chapter may have concluded buuut it doesn’t mean we don’t have content to share with you all! We hope you enjoy this special as it show a bit of Kenji’s past. The comic will be broken into two parts. The first part will be released on Christmas eve and the 2nd part of it on Christmas day. We hope you enjoy it and Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

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Weekly Blog #3

Another week in the books. We’re closing in on the final weeks of 2020, I am jumping for joy, but 2020 isn’t the end of the worldwide rut. We gotta dig deep and take care of our fellow man better. Wear a mask, respect your fellow man, women, and they/them. Well enough on that subject let’s talk about what’s down the pipeline here for us… Last week I mentioned we were working on an xmas special for Boom Shaka. I am happy to announce that we are close to completing it. I met with the team and we reviewed the comic together. You can expect to see it this week. We may release it altogether or separately. Stay tuned. While we are on the subject of Boom Shaka, I unfortunately must announce that chapter 1 finally concludes this coming Wednesday. It’s been one heck of a ride with this comic. I hope you have enjoyed the story and the characters […]

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