HEY! What’s Kanme reading? 04-24-2024

What’s Kanme reading? Posted every Wednesday Team Kanme Creatives team is here to get you over the weekday blues because we all  love comics! It’s true! And we really love Indie comics. Indies offer the most diverse and fearless storytelling among comics, why? Because we can! We are always inspired by the community around us and we want to start recognizing the comics we love to read. 

Our first Comic recommendation from the Team Kanme is: 

‘Knucklejelly’  Creator : Cyclonaut 

What we know: This treat is Halloween inspired! We like Halloween 24-7 around here. The comic has great balance of horror and the heartfelt.  In a world where Monsters outnumber Mortals. Former human  Knucklejelly with the aid of his pal Henry learns to navigate a new spooky world while trying to regain the memory of who he was. 

What we like: It was described perfectly as “adorkable” by our staff. The art is fantastic and it’s just going to be your fav soon. With over a million views on Webtoon we don’t think that’s enough! Get your eyeballs on this one and  we just know you’ll love it too. 

PSst … A little Birdie told us there is a Kickstarter in its future for print!!  

‘Morganverse’ Creator:  Paul Smith 

What we know : How can you not love a comic dedicated to making one’s loved one smile? There is a real Morgan and  she is also a fictitious version in these comics, we just love that backstory. Set in fabulous Van Nuys, California we get to see the adventures of Morgan and her sidekick Jeff the Unicorn. 

What we like: These comics had hit our radar on Twitter/X and we just couldn’t stop being a bit obsessed. The comics are a mix of clip art and photos, and  honestly it totally works. We love quirky, weird alt comics! The Staff who recommended Paul’s works says ‘ The comics are endearing and surreal with a few true belly LOL moments.’ So wonderfully out of the box we just had to share. You can check Paul’s work on his own website.   

‘House of the Rising sun’ Creator:  Charlie D Van

What we know : Charlie’s comic work is truly inspiring, with her other comic titles ‘Take all you can’  and ‘Only Seasons’. House is the prequel to Only Seasons. The Sun Goddess Solange is suddenly forced into exile by a prophecy into the Mortal world. Solange meets the beautiful  Xochitl who  joins her in her peaceful reign over the earth. The struggle of Gods vs Goddesses, is honestly a much better story than the infamous Lore Olympus, as  these Gods and Goddess feel more real and it is Queer Indie storytelling at its best. 

What we like : Recently Charlie announced she was retiring and this has us in tears! Without Charlie’s influence my own comic journey I would not be creating like I want to. She showed me to be brave and do what I need to to tell my stories. We hope we get another Comic in the future! Because this Staff member (me) says  Stay with us longer Charlie! House is consistently in the top ten of Popular web comics on Global Comics and we know why! Check out all of Charlie’s titles if you like drama and good story telling head on over to GlobalComix. 


Knights & Comics Creator:  Oscar Westburg 

What we know: This is print comic, available through a ko-fi shop. So if you love traditional print Indies check out Oscar’s comic! 

What we like : Staff who recommended this comic had us gushing over the phenomenal inking style  of the Illustrations featuring knights and their armor. Just about everything in this book is done fantastic, good old school inking/panel  layout is worth its weight in gold when you find it! As of this posting there are only a few more copies left to purchase in this run! So get your hands on it as soon as possible. 

Thank you for joining us and we’ll see you soon!

6 thoughts on “HEY! What’s Kanme reading? 04-24-2024”

  1. Yam says:

    I love this alot! I hope we can see more of this in the future!

    1. wearediamant says:

      More to come every Wednesday!

  2. CharlieDVan says:

    Thank you so much for the support!

    1. wearediamant says:

      We love your work Charlie!

  3. Joanieday says:

    Look forward to this feature. I follow Morganverse and find it consistently imaginative and entertaining.

    1. wearediamant says:

      Thank you for reading! We’ll have more recommendations Wednesday!

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