Hey! What’s Kanme reading? May 29th 2024

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Hey, what’s Kanme reading?  

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What’s Kanme reading? Posted every Wednesday Team Kanme Creatives team is here to get you over the weekday blues because we all  love comics! It’s true! And we really love Indie comics. Indies offer the most diverse and fearless storytelling among comics, why? Because we can! We are always inspired by the community around us and we want to start recognizing the comics we love to read. 


Every week we’re going to recommend comics we are reading to you.


Our first recommendation from the Team Kanme is: 

The Skeleton Crew : Creator Batsmarvelous 

The Skeleton Crew

What we know :  Two outsiders : Ezra a lost human and Nhim ( short for Nhimrod) , the bone headed son of  the nightmarish Lord Grimm are brought together in ‘The Between’ by cosmic indifference in this insanely funny and inventive comic.  


 What we love: From the staffer that recommended it : “  This clever comic never takes itself seriously and is built on some of the best horror humor I’ve read. The dialogue flows exactly  like a real conversation between the two OCs.”. You can really tell

there is a lot of heart, soul, and a funny bone or two in this comic which was dedicated to the Creator’s dear  Aunt Jan. Well written and with a great art style, we wish there were more episodes! We hope the Creator comes back to the story because it’s Marvelous!


The Final Boss’  son loves the Protagonist : Creator Bwillet  


What we Know : This Creator has lots of great comics! It was hard to just recommend one, and while our fav is Midnight Menagerie (VAMPIRE!) we can’t play favorites here, because The Final Boss comic is a great among the titles too.  This is a video game inspired saga of a romance between little blue feisty Demon Prince Oz and big and mighty sweetheart Quinn this is a game plot you can’t beat.  


 What we love: From the Staffer that recommended it : “We’ve spotlighted BWillets before and this Creator’s imagination knows no bounds, and the art style lends itself well to the video game inspired graphics !”  While you may have thought this romance was fairly simple- like any video game there are levels and we’re pulling an all nighter fueled on mountain dew! If you get the summer blues from it being too hot, or maybe it’s winter where you are?- either way stay inside and binge read this and the other comics where  available from the Creator you’ll be hooked!  


 Maru Kiru Destroys the Moon : Creator Brendan Albetski  

Maru Kiru

What we Know: You may wonder why this Big Hot warrior woman has it out for the Moon? There’s an Evil Cult there, take out the moon -take out the Cult.  But don’t be so sure it’s that easy. When the days of high magic are dead, the peasants’ worship and grovel at the feet of the Wizard –Priests of the Moon.  But there is one who will not bend to the Moon Cult’s will.  New comic issue out this week too! 

 What we love:  From the Staffer that recommended it (ME) “Like many of the comics we recommend the art styles are extraordinary and eye-catching. There’s a reason why we take great care in the comics we select. And Maru’s ultra vivid   bright Day-glow colors and action packed writing set this book apart in any fantasy realm! “  The hero’s journey with a strong independent Barbarian  gal who is going to make them pay was right up our alley and you should check it out on GlobalComix!  


Three : Creator ClaraCerro  


 What we know : This unique fantasy comic takes place in a world where three different races live side by side, with some having never seen or met one another. A fragile peace held together through their Leaders who must meet to keep civilities between the people. Eventually peace efforts grow unstable as it was foretold  by a set of Goddesses, will they intervene? 


 What we love :  The Character designs for the OCs specifically Lady Seila and Diak are mind-blowing and incredibly done. Coupled with the vibrant colors it makes this comic really stand out ! While it debuted two years ago, we think it needs way more subs! The episodes are sometimes short, but fast paced and easy to binge read because you can’t put it down.! Go read at Webtoon! 

Thanks for reading! Come back next Wednesday for more comics!



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