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New Figure Skating Comic – *Black Ice*

  Black Ice is an epic on the beautiful and brutal world of ladies figure skating. Follow a group of young athletes as they vie for world glory! No romance arc will break their fall. Chapter 1 is now complete, and we will begin page releases here shortly. This comic will explore themes of perfection under pressure, the exploitation of young athletes, life after success, politics in sports, and the elusive nature of winning and losing, venturing to answer the question: To what degree does hard work translate to victory? In addition, it will confront sensitive topics such as disordered eating, mental health, and physical breaking points–reader discretion is advised. Written by Katztz, illustrated by Chairim, with cover art by Beth Fuller. Stay updated via Black Ice’s INSTAGRAM and TWITTER accounts. Say “hi” on our Discord server (we will respond!)   We hope you enjoy! The Kanme Studios Team


50% of Boom Shaka KICKSTARTER Goal Reached

With half a month left to fund, our 31-day Kickstarter is headed in the right direction! We hit 50% halfway through. We still have a long way to go, so consider contributing for some exclusive pledge rewards in return. Check out the funding tiers, which include inserting your original character (OC) into our plot! That cool reward means you get to help make Boom Shaka what it is! Link: In related news, we had a flurry of pledge donations today that we are so thankful for – anything you can contribute really does make a difference! Kicktraq projects we will reach our goal and fully fund! Very cool to see… (Kickstarter goes off an all-or-nothing funding model, so we must reach the goal in order to receive any of the pledges.)   For those of you who have launched a crowd-funding campaign before, we’ll leave you with a relatable meme:   Thanks in advance for your support! -The Kanme Studios Team


Featured at Comic Embassy – Alan Bay’s Artwork of our Comics

Alan Bay, the artist of both Boom Shaka and Janto Kanme, had a awesome time at Comic Embassy at Tekka Place in Singapore. He was chosen among a competitive group of artists to showcase his work, which included illustrations from our comics! See below – Congrats, Alan!


PREVIEW Luna Tide Book 3

Hey all! Getting on to update that we have completed final illustrations to part of Luna Tide Book 3. We have only to insert bubbles and lettering before we begin publishing here! Our new artist, Feli White, has been working diligently to bring our vision of Luna Tide to life and we love the results so much we had to share a sneak peek below (please excuse the low-res quality, published versions will be high-res, as usual…)


Streetfighter inspired STICKERS added to our Ko-Fi Shop!

Hey, all! Poppin’ on to say we added two adorable chibi stickers of Chun-Li & Cammy to our shop (from our fan comic, Obey The Thirst.) Consider supporting us by getting the two stickers below at this link –>


Jobs Section Updated!

Looking for an illustrator to take on a new original project. See if you’re a good fit & apply today! See our Jobs section or click HERE.


COLOR Pages Added to Boom Shaka Prologue + Ch 1

  Before this, Boom Shaka’s Prologue and Ch 1 were released in their black & white versions only. Well. We’ve since swapped these with their complete color editions, available for all to read! The color versions also present as slightly larger images on screen, which should enhance readability. Still want access to older B&W versions? Let us know and we will upload all of them to our Ko-Fi “Behind The Scenes” tier HERE, where we post work-in-progress content, concept art, and other unreleased (or never released) material. See you there. So, would you like to read Boom Shaka again? 🙂 Below’s a quick preview of Boom Shaka RGB: Prologue – Page 1 Thank you as always, The Kanme Studios Team


MUSIC for Boom Shaka?! Beat by Zombie One OUT NOW!

🎶 Exciting news! 🎶 . . As you know, Boom Shaka’s main character, Kenji’s, main passion is beat boxing, so we collaborated with Denver-based musician, Zombie One, to create a BEAT for this story! We love the new element this adds to our narrative; artists supporting other artists to bring one vision to life!


Like our work? Buy us a Coffee on Ko-Fi! + Find EXCLUSIVE Content There

    We made a big first step: We created a Ko-Fi account (HERE)! What is Ko-Fi? Ko-Fi is a verified platform (similar to Patreon, if you’re familiar) that allows fans to support their favorite creators by “buying them a coffee” (i.e. donating a small sum as a one-time thing, or on a monthly basis!) You can donate $3 to us, and Ko-Fi doesn’t take a fee. It’s a simple and easy way to give back!


SNEAK PEEK Luna Tide Book 3! (click post to see images)

Dear Readers, As long promised, Luna Tide is set to make its reappearance with the start of Book 3! After finding a new artist to continue on from the work our previous artist, Cee, completed, we are quickly progressing with drafts and edits of where the story is headed next! For those of you who are caught up, (not to give anything away) you’ll remember Book 2 ended a little something like this… Mayume caught in the fray: Book 3 will open with art from our new artist, and look a little something like this!… (still in drafting stages) Mayume stepping into her power?     What do you think? We’re excited to see the new artistic direction Luna Tide is taking while honoring the hand-drawn style of before and aiming for some sense of stylistic continuity throughout the series. See you at Book 3! Cheers, Yam    

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