SNEAK PEEK Luna Tide Book 3! (click post to see images)

Dear Readers,

As long promised, Luna Tide is set to make its reappearance with the start of Book 3! After finding a new artist to continue on from the work our previous artist, Cee, completed, we are quickly progressing with drafts and edits of where the story is headed next!

For those of you who are caught up, (not to give anything away) you’ll remember Book 2 ended a little something like this… Mayume caught in the fray:

Book 3 will open with art from our new artist, and look a little something like this!… (still in drafting stages) Mayume stepping into her power?



What do you think? We’re excited to see the new artistic direction Luna Tide is taking while honoring the hand-drawn style of before and aiming for some sense of stylistic continuity throughout the series. See you at Book 3!




One thought on “SNEAK PEEK Luna Tide Book 3! (click post to see images)”

  1. Kat says:

    Excited for this! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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