Janto Kanme Fan Art Contest Extension to May 15th

Quickly we wanted to let you all know we are extending the Janto Kanme Fan Art contest until May 15th. We will also be moving back the voting process date due to this extension and let you know what day it will be held.
We definitely want to give more people a chance to submit their artwork to this contest. We’ll post the rules again to avoid any confusion. Be sure to join the Kanme Studios discord, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email us kanmestudios@gmail.com

The deadline for submissions will be May 15th, no late submissions allowed after this date!

The Rules again for submitting an entry.

Anyone from around the world can participate!
Art submission must be Janto Kanme related, no cameos of non Janto Kanme characters or your OCS, only characters from Janto Kanme.
Everyone is allowed 1-2 submissions of Janto Kanme character fanart, no more than 2!
NO NSFW Art is allowed!
NO AI Art – will be auto disqualified.

1. 50 USD
2. 15 USD
3. 5 USD

Prize Disclaimer – To accept any of the prizes you must have a paypal, patreon, or Ko-fi, no exceptions!
If there is a tie, then we will hold a vote versus the tied art submissions who have placed 1st 2nd or 3rd.
We will contact winners by email/discord (join our discord to avoid any issues). Winners have 90 days to accept the winnings or it shall be forfeited.

Please be aware that every submission we receive will be featured on Kanme Studios “Fan Art” section and can be used in promotional pieces or published of in our comic with full credits to the artist.

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