Janto Kanme Fan Art Submissions

The submissions are in! We had two artist who submitted art to the contest. Since it was only two people, we split the prize pot between them both! Congratulations to them and we hope more people join in next time we hold a contest, we definitely like supporting artist with $

The first artist is Lettyne. They drew Kana Kanme, a fan favorite, for their submission, “Now you’re cooking like Kana!”

It’s a very pretty drawing and we hope to see more from them later down the line. If you’re interested in following Lettyne then here are their links!


The 2nd artist is one people may be familar with. Zoer participated in the fanzine and really enjoys Janto Kanme. So, it was only natural they submitted art for this contest. Here are their submissions…

The artwork style is different in both of their submissions. One is a more realistic drawing of the main character, Janto, and the 2nd image is a cute chibi of Janto, Kagami, Akiko and Satomi (someone we have introduced yet, but she’s there).

Here are Zoer’s Instagram, give her a follow!

Well that wraps up this fan art contest for Janto Kanme and look forward to a new chapter this Friday. May 26th!

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