Kanme Recap for 2023

When 2023 started I had no idea that it would end this way. There were only a handful of folks working with us and a few comics on the site. Pawesome Gatitos didn’t exist back then, I know right, and the team were aspiring to grow the site and maybe go vend locally since Street Fighter 6 was on the horizon. Little did we all know that Kanme would grow in such a way that still leaves me speechless. The studio expanded from 3 comics to 11 and added 8 new creatives to the team and it’s still growing, but that’s for a next year discussion.

Kanme also created its new branch which is our Esport team. We currently have seven players on the team that compete in street fighter 6, King of Fighters 15, Samurai Shodown, and Granblue! The team looks to be a competitive force in 2024 so be on the lookout for that.

Going to events has allowed me to network, vend at local and regional events, travel and meet new people. It brought me joy to see the things people were buying was making them happy. I have to thank first and foremost the artist on the Kanme Studios team who took the time to create items that people love. We are not letting up the gas and we are cooking up new items for fans of these games to have!

Our social medias grew across the board and namely our youtube page which reached over 500 subs. Next year we hope to grow to 1000 subs! We enjoy making videos about Yam’s cats, video games and the comics we work on at Kanme Studios.

We are all looking forward to 2024 and will continue to grow Kanme in many new and different ways! Be on the lookout!

Kanme Recap – TLDR

Studio growth
New comics – pawesome gatitos, black ice
New creatives joined Kanme: SK6 Ash Kohari, Christylinc, Diamant Comics, Sali Babu, Courteea, Chairim, and amiableapparition
Youtube channel started and reached over 500!
Social media growth
Esports team started
Esport team winning at EVO
Creating merchandise to sell
Hosting panels at cons
Vending at events
Multiple top 10 features on Global comix!

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