Kanme Studio Announcement Regarding our Website!

Hello everyone Yam here. Today I would like to take the time to discuss an announcement we all have been waiting to share. During the course of this year and next we will begin to open our website to host comics, yes your comics! Not only are we working towards that but we want to create a place where creatives can socialize as well. So, in essence we are working towards a SM/creative platform; that’s still a long time away and it’ll cost money but for the time being we would like to invite creatives to beta test.

So, this beta won’t really start until mid 2023, summertime, as we work out the kinks on our current site. We essentially want to test out the capabilities of our site and see how easy/difficult it is for our testers to post their comic.

As more details become finite, we will share them with you and remind you all what we are trying to accomplish this year. Be on the lookout for announcement regarding applications to beta test!

If you’ve read this far, thank you and we hope to create a space where all creatives, not only ourselves, thrive and support each other!


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