Kanme Studios sponsors & partners with Two Fighting Game Players!

Kanme Studios is doubling down on its venture into the world of competitive gaming. We proud to announce we are sponsoring local talent in the Washington D.C Metropolitan area.
The first of these player goes by the name of “Tao” in the fighting game community. Tao is a talented individual who has a knack for picking up games and leveling up as he plays them. We are happy to have him with us and you’ll be seeing more of him on the road as he travels with Yam to various events.
Be sure to follow Tao on Twitter

[Tao plays on stage in front of many in attendance and on stream watching at home]

[Tao is in his element, playing fighting games against his opponent]

The next person we would like to introduce is Disgaea, he too is a local player in the area. We see great promise as he is also a multi-talented player who can play different fighting games. He is determined to get better in street fighter 6 and is going to travel the road to face many strong opponents. Be sure to follow him on Twitter

[Disgaea is laser focused as he prepares for his match on stream]

[Disgaea calculates his next move as plays against his opponent on stream]

We are very honored have Tao and Disgaea represent the Kanme Studio brand. We expect nothing but great things for both of them!

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