Kanme Studios Spotlight #2! Black Ice & Foreign Press Comics

Hey all, today we will spotlight one of our newest comics coming out soon, Black Ice.

Katztz has worked with the talented Chairim to bring a unique story about ladies of the ice and their trials, tribulations and the sacrifices one makes to go for gold. It’s a well-crafted story with wonderful art, coloring, visuals and storytelling. Readers will witness the beauty and rawness of women’s competitive figure skating in a way that hasn’t been told before.

To promote her comic, Katztz was recently on Foreign Press Comics podcast (click the link to hear Katztz’s episode) to discuss Black Ice, figure skating, and many other topics. If you like hearing creatives talk about their comic or works, you’ll certainly enjoy this.

Foreign Press Comics is a small press indie publisher that gives comic creatives an outlet to have their voice heard and highlight their work.

If you’re interested in getting your comic out there and heard we recommend you reach out to Foreign Press Comics and see if they can feature you in their next podcast, thank you for all you do!

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(Check out their podcast comics unscripted)

Black Ice will debut it’s introduction chapter cover page drawn by bf_illustrates this week and then the first page will debut the final week of March. We’ll have exact dates fairly soon as we hash out the official details for you all, we promise you’ll be the first to know! We hope you enjoy the latest edition to the Kanme Studios suite of comics!

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