Kanme Studios Spotlight #4 Meet BVMN, Courtea & Katon – Artists of Kanme Studios

It’s the end of the month and we just made it in time for our latest Kanme Studios spotlight. These posts are intended to highlight all types of creatives. This time week keep it in the realm of artist and more specifically Kanme Studios artists we work with.

The first artist we would like to introduce is the newest edition to the creative team!


Hello everyone, my name is Christopher Spivery. I go by the handle BMVN which is an acronym for Building My Vocal Nation. As a kid I was very shy, I struggled with believing in myself and building relationships with others. For years this manifested in my life as social anxiety and it ran my life until I started meditating in 2020. Through meditation I have come to learn that my art cultivates a relationship between my physical self and my inner self. It turned into a tool of self discovery for me and without my art path I wouldn’t have discovered my true self. My work is a reflection of my inner world and my mission is inspire others to see the importance of expressing their inner truths and not be what they think society wants but what they need.

Thanks BMVN, we’re glad to have you with us! Be sure to keep an eye on BMVN on Instagram. He also plans to share his original comic on Kanme Studios. We can’t wait to host it and show it to you all!

The next Kanme Studios artist is the former main artist of Luna Tide who has been summoned back to work with Kanme Studios again, namely the Luna Tide back story that focuses on teenage Mayume.


Hiya! I’m Courtea- how do you do? Despite the previous claims, I regrettably must inform you that I am not three corgis in a trenchcoat. I am however, a bit of a ✨surprise.✨ I fancy a bit of colour, sunflowers, rocks, and clowns. Oh, and I happen to be a part of the Kanme Studios team as an artist. >:^] I hope this message finds you….well. : )

Thank you Courtea. It’s an honor to have you back with us working on not only Luna Tide but other nifty fan arts for conventions and an original comic, but we’ll save that for another time. Be sure to follow Courtea through her social links below!

Social Links: Twitter @courteaa
Trusty ol’ deviantart: @opiax
More socials to be updated for her! Welcome back and we can’t see what kind of awesome work you’ll be doing for us again in the future!

Last, but not least, we would like to introduce and welcome another new artist who will be working alongside Kanme Studios, Katon.


Hello I’m Adam ( Katon ) and I am a art teacher and comic artist. I’ve been working on some original comic projects as well as character designs. I am hoping by the end of the year I will have all my projects released and ready for the world. Besides making comics I am a huge Zelda fan and may be addicted to the new game 😅

Thank you Katon, we are excited to have you work with the team as I know we’ll create awesome works of art! Be sure to check out Katon’s artwork and follow them on their social medias! You can also commission Katon, I mean why wouldn’t you!

Katon’s Links:

That about does it for this month’s Kanme Studios Spotlight. Next time we’ll open it up to other creatives like you so stay tuned for our posts on social media. We hope you had a great pride month/June and wish you great July!

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