Kanme Studios Spotlight #1: Our Collaboration Efforts with Music Creatives!

Hey all, this is the first series of Kanme Studios Spotlights! The purpose of these post is spotlight creatives, like you!

For our inaugural post we wanted to highlight some music creatives we’ve been working with!

Last year we worked with ZombieOne on a track for Boom Shaka called Chakra Blast. We love the song very much and use it in a lot of our Boom Shaka youtube & Tiktok videos

You can follow their SoundCloud & Instagram. We plan on working with them in the future on another track for Boom Shaka so stayed tuned!

The next creative we are working with goes by Souldrifterbeats. We’ve collaborated together fairly recently and plan to use his music for our future videos, so keep an ear out for his music! You can follow his SoundCloud, youtube, TikTok & Instagram

That’s it for our first spotlight. We will do another fairly soon!

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