Weekly Blog #6

Hello readers! I hope you all have a wonderful week. Here in America we had a transition of power and the world didn’t explode from it…yet. We wish nothing but the best for the newest President Joe Biden and the first woman Vice President. All politics aside we had a pretty productive week and would like focus this post on our newest comic on the horizon.

Janto Kanme is a story I have been working on for many many years. It’s a story that’s like a child to me and I’ve shielded it for a while. I didn’t think I was ready or a good enough writer to do it. But here we are now and I have put aside those fears and motivated myself to write it. While Boom Shaka and Luna Tide are products of my mind and those characters are near and dear to me I have to say these characters in Janto Kanme are all very special and I hope when you all read it you’ll understand why.

In the coming weeks we will be creating the social media for Janto Kanme. We will also hold a contest for those who share and follow the comic, more to follow on that one as we hash out the contest rules. Usogami has created the first draft of the title header for Janto Kanme. I plan to share the design this week on our site so stay tuned to all our social media outlets! With that I bid you a farewell and hope you have a safe week. Remember wear a mask and love your fellow, man, woman, and they/them!


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