Weekly Blog #7

Hello all, Yam here. I hope you all had a great week. Here in the metropolitan area of DC we got snow! It’s been a few years since we actually got a good amount of snow that wasn’t just a dusting. I took my son out to play and it was neat to see him enjoy himself.

Anywho let’s get to it. This week I continued to work with the team on Janto Kanme. We launched the facebook page and will continue to spread across social media. Our plan is to have Janto Kanme on Twitter and on Instagram. We’ll also dust off our Patreon as well so you guys can start seeing behind the scene/WiP pages. We worked on a placeholder banner for Janto Kanme which I’m sure if not go check out the Janto Kanme post.

For this comic I’ve been writing a lot of the character profiles and finalizing a lot of the location and lore for the story. So there is still a lot of work that I still need to do for it. Next week I hope I have more to share with you all!

Fan comics, we are in the midst of working a few new fan comics for the site. I won’t spoil what they are here but we’ll keep you posted on their progress. All you need to know is the artist have gotten their hands on it and we should have something going into February.

That’s right, I almost completely forgot. One crazy ass month of 2021 down. From insurrection, to a new president being sworn in to the battle in the stock market it’s been one hell of a month. Let’s hope February isn’t too crazy heh.

As always, take care of your fellow man, woman, they/them. Wear a mask. Wash your hands and stay safe!

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