What’s happening in Kanme Studios! (3/5/23)

Hey all, Yam here! I wanted to give a quick update on what’s going on with Kanme Studios, it’s been a while since I’ve updated you all!

We’ve been pretty active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook but our comics will always have a home here! We’ve grown a lot since then and people are starting to notice a lot of our comics which is always a good thing as we grow the Kanme Studio brand! We’ve recently began to expand into other medias namely video. We created a Tiktok account and casted resurrection on our YouTube channel. We’ve attached the links so definitely check them out.

We’ll be making a hard push on our video media in the hopes we can grow and make new people aware of our comics! We will even begin to transition our blog posts into some vlog so you get to see more of the human side of Kanme Studios! The only way to keep in the loop of things is follow those accounts!

So let’s start with general Kanme Studio stuff. The site added chapter 3 of boom shaka and chp 2 of Janto kanme! We have two comics running on our site with more to come, it’s crazy exciting! We will be adding two more comic series to our site. Black Ice by Katztz & a brand spanking new comic about cats by Yam and & Melancia comics. So, the site is growing, and we announced earlier this year that we will be hosting comics on this site. We are talking with some folks to see how much a possibility of it happening at least by next year. We plan a beta phase but this all depends on how these conversations go, wish us luck and we’ll share any updates we have!

Now to our Comics

Luna Tide – We are working on type setting and finalizing the first chapter of Book 3. We also have a huge surprise for long time Luna Tide Fans so stay tuned because Yam will be announcing the release date for the first chapter of Book 3!

Boom Shaka – The 3rd chapter is actively posting week by week on our site. We haven’t pushed the gumroad store. We should since we are going to be running another 50% deal for the 3rd chapter! Yam plans to starting writing the next chapter in May of this year.

Janto Kanme – Janto Kanme is starting to pick up speed on all of our three social media platforms. The recent promo campaigns saw and increase in site traffic. The 2nd chapter is currently running on our site. We will be working on the 3rd chapter fairly soon so there isn’t much delay on the next installment!

Black Ice – Katztz recently shared on Instagram that Black Ice will be debuting soon on Kanme Studios coming March-April. We’ll have a more finite date in the coming weeks so be sure to follow their Instagram & Twitter to get up to date news on this comic!

New Cat Comic: We will be making an announcement regarding this comic very soon. Melancia & Yam are working diligently to bring you a catastic comic! All cat puns aside we are sure you will like it!

That’s all we have for now. We want to save our bigger announcements for their own post since this one is already longish! Until next time all take care!


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