What’s Happening in Kanme Studios (5/5/2023)

Hey all Yam here, April was a busy as heckem month. At one point we had 5 comics running on this site, a dream come true imo. Anyway here is your monthly update on all things Kanme Studios!

First and foremost Studio related news. I have been working on the business side of Kanme Studios. I’ve worked with Melencia Comics, one of our partnered artists, to create Chibi stickers of all the street fighter 6 characters. They turned out well and I’ll highlight them in a different post sometime this week.

The Studio’s social media saw growth across all major social medias, which is a great thing. Our youtube channel recently broke 100 subscribers which is a big step forward in our video goals. I have to thank my cats for the extra boosts in subs, they’ll get a treat for their great work.

We’ll also be hitting the road fairly soon to various conventions and fighting game tournament events. Stay tuned as I hope to announce when and where I will show up!

Now on to comics/graphic novel…

Luna Tide: We are now posting Luna Tide on our site, and we will start to post pages in other places such as webtoons and Tapas. We want to spread the reach of Luna Tide but the most current pages will release here on Kanme Studios. I have been in talks with Courteea, the former artist of Luna Tide, and we are working on something special for you all and we hope to share that news soon! Lastly Luna Tide’s full chapter 6 is available for purchase on our ko-fi store! Be sure to head over there and purchase the latest entry of Luna Tide.

Boom Shaka: We are taking a break this [May] from posting Boom Shaka. We have reached the halfway point and I’ll soon start writing chapter 4 of the comic. It’ll have a dramatic end as things come to head and the crew meet their main foe. In the meantime, we’ll be working on videos talking about the comic. Be sure to pick up the full book on gumroad and use coupon code halfoffkanme to get 50% off, every penny goes directly to supporting us!

Black Ice: This comic has made a huge splash on Kanme Studios. It is one of our most popular comics and the credit is due to Katztz and Chairim for their hard work. They’ve crafted and beautiful story and they are working hard on the next part and a few awesome images for fans of the comic. Be sure to follow these Katatz and Chairim on Instagram!

Janto Kanme: Alan and I are working on the next installment of Janto Kanme. We are in the 2nd phase of drafts and after a few touch ups we should have it ready by the end of May/early June. Janto Kanme has seen some popularity here on the Kanme Studios so we hope that translates to other places as well! Stay Tuned for more information and follow their instagram and twitter for updates and previews

Pawesome Gatitos: This comic has made a impact on our site and on social media and other comic hosting sites. It’s a simple story with a growing fan base. All the credit goes to my three felines. Flip, Pam and Dusty are the stars and I can tell you more cats will show up, another family member of these crazy cats. We are working diligently on more content and hope to release a book of Pawesome Gatitos fairly soon. More to follow on that!

That’s it for now. I’ll try to do an update before the months end. For now I am focused on finishing up the first half of chapter 7 of Luna Tide, starting the framework on Boom Shaka and working hard to keep Kanme Studios on the upward trend! Until then all stay classy and safe!

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