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Jobs section

Hey all we want to officially announce our job section. We want to collaborate with many different artists/creatives from all over the world here at Kanme Studios. If you’re interested head on over there


New Jojo Fan comic!

Tomorrow, saturday 3/26, we will release our latest Jojo Fan Comic on Kanme Studio. We hope you enjoy it, it’s a pretty bizarre one. With that being said we leave you with the work in progress and final product.


New Fan Comic! Work in Progress Panel

Hey all we thought we’d share the latest work in progress panel. It’s been a while since we did a Jojo Bizarre Adventure fan comic so we thought we’d do one about our good friend Jolyne. We can’t wait to show you the comic, we think you’ll enjoy it!


Janto Kanme Character poll! Vote for your favorite!

Do you enjoy Janto Kanme? Do you like a specific character? Then you’ll have a chance to voice your opinion HERE. We will be running a Janto Kanme character poll throughout the whole month of March. Vote for your favorite character and who knows what might happen to them. Maybe some art of them or seeing them more often in the story. The voting will begin on March 1st and will end on the 31st. May the best character win! Again, to vote, click HERE. Thank you!


Full Chapter 2 of Boom Shaka now Available on Gumroad

Hey all, our gumroad store has been updated with new content; Boom Shaka Chapter 2. Follow the link to either download the full chapter if you have bought the deluxe edition or purchase it so you can read it. We will still continue to post the pages week by week but if you want to read ahead then you’ll want purchase it. Remember the deluxe edition is good till chapter 4 and you’ll get the full complete chapters when we upload them. It’s a great deal considering the price!


Character page update – Janto Kanme

Hey all. This will be our final update of the character page until the next chapter. Head on over to read about Janto’s friends Mimi and Taka.


Happy Holidays 2021

We want to wish you all a Happy Holidays with you and your loved ones! Take care all!


New Characters to be released



Janto Kanme Character Page Update

Today we introduce the first revealed character of Janto Kanme. Head on over to the character page to find out who they are! Come back every week to see which new characters are revealed.


Janto Kanme debuts on Kanme Studios

Janto Kanme, our newest comic, has it’s own space on this website. Click the link here or navigate to the comic section of the site to check it out. So far the cover is only out but next Friday we will debut the first page!! If you’re the type of person who wants to read everything now visit our gumroad store and buy it there. We are currently running a sale on both Boom Shaka and Janto, the details of the sale should be on our gumroad page/social medias. We hope you are excited as we are to read Janto Kanme! See you all next week for it’s debut here on Kanme Studios!

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