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Boom Shaka Holiday Special!

Hey all, Happy Holidays! Today we have a Boom Shaka Holidays special. The first chapter may have concluded buuut it doesn’t mean we don’t have content to share with you all! We hope you enjoy this special as it show a bit of Kenji’s past. The comic will be broken into two parts. The first part will be released on Christmas eve and the 2nd part of it on Christmas day. We hope you enjoy it and Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!


New Character added to Boom Shaka!

A new character has arrived. Be sure to check out the Boom Shaka character profiles to learn about her.


Blackfriday Xmas Deal on Boom Shaka

Hey all! We hope you and your loved ones enjoyed thanks giving. We would like to extend our best wishes to you as we head into the final month of 2020, yay! One of the things we would like to give all our readers is a coupon they can use to purchase Boom Shaka Deluxe edition for half off! Use Coupon code bs50xmas for 50% off deluxe at check out! Don’t wait too long as the offer at the end of 2020!


New Art added to our Deluxe Edition of Boom Shaka

Hello readers! We wanted to inform you about our gumroad store. We will be adding new art to the deluxe edition of Boom Shaka. It’s the first of many updates that we will be doing to that edition. If you haven’t had a chance to purchase it we encourage you to follow the link in this post and head over to our store. We’ll be coming with updates and specials for Boom Shaka as time passes. Stay tuned


Gumroad store – Boom Shaka

Hey all Yam here. Just wanted to remind you all that our gumroad store is officially opened and that Boom Shaka is for sale! All contributions will help us out and any word of mouth is greatly appreciated. We will continue to keep working Boom Shaka and many other stories down the road. Thank you!


And Now We Wait…

Kenji is waiting patiently, not only for his baggage but to begin the next chapter of Boom Shaka…stay tuned and stay safe!


Taking a Short Break – Boom Shaka

Hey all! This coming Wednesday there will not be a page of Boom Shaka. We are taking a small break and will release the cover page of chapter 1 Boom Shaka on July 15, so mark those calendars. In the mean time we will be sharing promotional artwork on our various social media platforms. We’ll provide the link to them later in a separate post. Take care all!   -Yam


A new Boom Shaka Character has been unlocked!

A new has been unlocked. Visit the Boom Shaka Characters Page. Check our their profile and learn a bit about who they are.


Welcome to the New Kanme Studios!

Welcome all to the new and improved Kanme Studios website. It has been quite the journey but we have returned. We greatly appreciate those who have supported us thus far and patiently waited for our return. Please, we invite you to explore our site at length and reacquaint yourself with our first comic Luna Tide. If you’re looking for something new then you are in luck, we would like to introduce you to Boom Shaka a supernatural action comic. We will be posting updates for Boom Shaka on Wednesdays and if you’d like to read a page ahead we invite to support our Patreon. Once more, thank you again and we hope you enjoy your time here! -Yam

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