Hey, what’s Kanme reading? 06-19-2024

Hey, what’s Kanme reading?  

Wednesday : 06-19-2024


What’s Kanme reading? Posted every Wednesday Team Kanme Creatives team is here to get you over the weekday blues because we all  love comics! It’s true! And we really love Indie comics. Indies offer the most diverse and fearless storytelling among comics, why? Because we can! We are always inspired by the community around us and we want to start recognizing the comics we love to read. 

 Welcome to Pride Month!  We are continuing our  recommendations of  Indie LGBTQA comics and Comic Creators! While we’re glad to have this happy month to celebrate we hope you support Queer Comics all year round!  


Our first recommendation from the Team Kanme is: 

Lady of Gollerus Creator : Beeberrymuffin

The Lady 

What we Know : This queer cast of outcasts, features a Captain and his not so infamous or famous Ghost Ship the Lady of Gollerus while he, 1st Mate Minho, and their band of pirates  try to put to rights  a world ending prophecy. 

What we love : Another twitter recommendation that got us to have a looksee at this charming little comic ! A true delight! Whimsical skull-faced Pirates, a ghost ship, and Prophecy abound in this seafaring comedic fantasy! The art is quite lovely, it has moments of painting like texture, and a dreamy seaside palette. Reading is quite easy on the eyes, as it is a good looking and well written webtoon, while 5000+ have subscribed it should have way more! Hop aboard a sail for adventure!  



The Poisoner’s piece  Creator :Bookshrug 

The Poisoner’s 

What we Know : A handsome  assassin in the guise of a healer, a sickly young King crosses paths, in this Fantasy BL.  

What we love : The Poisoner’s piece uses grayscale and color in a skillful manner, a bit like the Wizard of Oz from black and white to fantastic color as we travel from one realm to the other. The art is quite beautiful with moments of sensuality, sexy OCs and romance. I binge read quite a few episodes before I forgot I needed to write this blog post! I read the GlobalComix version which updates bi-weekly so we should see a new update soon!   



Broken Beats  Creator: Nichole Crafts

Broken Beats

What we Know: Ray was born with the ability to see and mend magic, when Maya, a Mage, appears his abilities are put to the test, are they doomed to fail or do they hold tight to one another to survive their dark pasts and troubled present. Go have a look!   

What we Love: The comics I tend to love and talk to you about here are all drawn and created to stand on their own, to look like no others and this creator’s art is not only highly memorable, but sweet to see! Rockstars, Magic and heartwarming romance  but there are moments where we see bitterness and  some thriller-action, just like life when we want moments of peace and love, sometimes we don’t get that but we hang on for the loving times to come. 1 million views on webtoon just proves what a stellar comic this is. 



Jack Beloved  Creator: MaxDavid

Jack Beloved

What we know : A queer fantasy/slow burn BL about a man named Sam who when he befriends a Demon and then must reexamine his life, his loyalty and everything he thought he knew. 

What we loved : For starters when I saw the art for this comic I literally gasped “OMG!” because I just fell in love! Now I know why it was recommended for me to read! Sometimes I get a little miffed that great comics like Jack Beloved aren’t more widely known and that Webtoon neglects some truly solid comics that should be getting attention. What I’ve read so far is a well designed, well written comic that gives me the feels. Head over and sub at webtoon!

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